Mirkwater Jungle

Episode 1: Danger & Dryad

Our adventurers were all making their way to Little Orlington for the upcoming opening of an important new temple.

On the last part of that journey, this band of strangers have decided to travel together after hearing rumours of strange goings on in the Mirkwater forest.

After a few quiet hours of trudging through the jungle, our adventurers came across two snarling wolves fighting over a recent kill. As the wolves turned to face the newcomers, the ground began to shake wildly, startling the wolves and their goblin handlers.

With a leap and a bound, Soma, a wild looking monk, leapt towards one of goblins. In his haste he was hit by an arrow, but still managed to get a good whack in with his quarter-staff.

Gracefully somersaulting from the shoulders of Bahl-Basaar, Tinkerella moved quickly to attack one of the wolves. With Bahl-Basaar and Tenebraus not far behind.

A curious feminine figure drifted down from the treeline. This golden leafed Dryad had come to aid the travelers. Speaking a language of the forest to Soma, she let him know that she was in dire need of help. A small group of goblins had infested her anchoring Banyan tree and were poisoning this sacred space.

Working together, clearing the small amount of goblins wasn't too troubling, but Tanye Mahuta was very grateful nontheless. She rewarded the travelers with a cozy night of shelter and her blessings on the rest of their travels.


Little Orlington

Episode 2: Orlington Ale Co.

Our adventurers made their way to the picturesque town of Little Orlington by the River. With no money to their names, and nothing more than what they had on their backs, their first task was to find somewhere to sleep for the evening evening.

Bahl-Basaar, an emissary of the Cult of the Black Dragon already had some pre-arranged accomodation, but it wasn't looking too good for the rest of the crew.

With some quick thinking and well placed charm, Tenebraus managed to secure a second room in the Rusty Barrel Inn, pretending to be from the Baramingion order.

The inn was quite lively, considering there wasn't a drop of ale to be found. Upon further investigation, the team discovered that there had been no ale deliveries for the last few day, rendering the entire town dry!

Promising to help Theda (The Bar's owner) out, our heroes proceeded to the riverside docks, where they found that there had been no deliveries for several days, and a team of town guards had been sent to investigate. After picking up a few crucial supplies (In the form of some delicious tarts) the team proceeded up the river on Theda's tricked out river boat.

Down the river:

After some rather uncoordinated punting attempts, the team managed to figure out how to operate the boat and proceeded upstream for a casual afternoon adventure.

The first few hours were relatively uneventful, until they heard the flittering sounds of a giant bug climbing up the river banks. After a VERY stern look from Tenebraus, it scittled off but had already managed to alert two of its friends.

After a glancing javelin throw from Bahl Basaar, Tenebraus and Morgana took their time to assess the situation and determine the best course of action. Tinkerella let off a quick fire bolt, just before one of the beetles launched into attack in a cloud of steam and wings.

After a bitter battle, and a near death experience for Tenebraus, one of the beetles' exoskeletons was crushed by a blow from the staff of Morgana, with the last beetle swimming away in a cloud of ink. Our adventurers were safe, for the time being at least.

As the river narrowed further upstream, the adventurers found netting across the river and paths leading up the river bank, which very suspiciously dissapeared into nothing...

Upon further investigation, the party found an interesting pile of leaves, and not wanting be subtle, Tenebraus opened fire, with another Eldritch blast, blowing through this covering and the door behind.

Into the breach:

As the party entered the breach, Morgana's magical senses detected the faint heat of conjuration magic in the next room. As they moved in to investigate, Morgana spotted the culprit, a small and ornately carved lock box on a pedastal. Quickly moving in, she unlocked the magical contraption with ease, finding a golden bracelet, two small golden rings and a saphire infused ring of obvious magical quality.

As she passed the ring to Tenebraus to try on, noone noticed her slip the rest of the loot into her coat pockets. The ring had a very interesting effect, dissapearing the finger as the ring slid on. The added sparkles and fireworks from Tinkerella, really added to the whole effect. The finger reappeared unharmed, once the ring was removed.

With a keen nose for trouble, our adventurers were quick to move on down the passage at the end of this cavern. Walking right into an ambush by four Kobolds that had been left to guard this facility.

An intense battle ensued, with almost everyone being knocked unconcoscious at some point...

After Bahl-Basaar let out a desperate stream of acid breath, eviscerating two of the Kobolds, and Morgana turning another into a rain of charred ex-kobold, the last remaing Kobold did the only thing it could and tried to get the hell.

Seeing this and not wanting the party to end, Tinkerella leapt from the gallery onto the Kobolds back.

Bahl Basaar wanted to join in too and also attempted to jump down - not quite so gracefully... He landed badly and fell in a heap on top of Tinkerella knocking himslf out. Tinkerella finished off the Kobold with another blast of electrical power and slid out from underneath the very still body of Bahl Basaar.

After helping Bahl Basaar up and restoring Morgana's health the party continued to explore the caverns. In this chamber, they found a small statuette of a minotaur creature atop a small makeshift shrine.

In the next chamber they found what appeared to be the sleeping quarters for at least 20 creatures, with no sign of where the rest had gone. They did however find, stacked in one corner, several barrels of ale and a few barges, which were used to ship them down the river.

With the help of Tenebraus' unseen servant, the party rolled the barrels up andout of the cavern without any further trouble.

As the party punted into town, with several barrles of ale in tow. The villagers clap slowly, and promised tarts tasted like the sweet, sweet taste of victory.


Temple Plan

Episode 3: The Shadows Beneath (Part 1)

Tenebraus, Morgana and Bahl-Basaar woke up (more than a little salty) and made their way down to breakfast. In the dining hall, they found a rather tasty breakfast and a few world-wary adventurers. The smartly dressed (for a mountain dwarf) cleric Ithil was the first to introduce himself. The next is Lindal Tosscobble, a halfling who seemed to be completely covered in leaves.

Overhearing Bahl-Basaar chatting about how he saved everyone's ale, a nearby stranger butted into the conversation: the charming, but shabby man seemed very interested in what happened to the guards that dissapeared looking for the ale. Unfortunately, nobody seemed to know what happened to them, and it seems the guards were expected to be back in time for the christening of the temple later this morning.

Never much for idle chit-chat, Tenebraus simply finished his meal, and left the room, with the rest of the party following behind. Outside, a growing crowd was making its way up the hill to the glimmering temple at the top of the hill, where the opening 'festivities' were scheduled to take place. As the party followed up the hill, they took in the spectacle of the new temple for the first time. The huge structure consisted of a massive, domed central area with a columned, rectangular area jutting out the front. At the entrance were two huge stone stairways curving around a central dais, which housed a large stone pedestal.

Once the reached the temple, Bahl Basaar asked the clerks where they were supposed to stand. The clerk dismissively pointed towards the cheap seats in the crowd, before Ithil managed to convince the clerk that the group was at least vaugely important. Waiting off in the wings, the group witnessed the start of the elaborate ceremony to open the temple.

The high preist was standing in the center of a large dais erected in the center of the stairway, with a stone basin on a pedestal in front of him. He was sharpening a vicious looking blade which Tenebraus recognised as the legendary ceremonial 'Bloodied Blade' which seemed to be emanating a powerful magical field.

The high preist, dressed in ornate ceremonial robes, welcomed the crowd and started the ceremony. As the first sacrificial goat was walked up to the main dais, it suddenly dawned on the group what was about to happen. In a moment of rage at the unnatural act that was about to occur, Lindal prepared to take the bloodied blade from the high priests' hands with a whip of thorns. Fortunately, Tenebraus saw what would happen if this went ahead and held Lindal's hand back.

In an attempt to stop the ceremony, Morgana magically whispered in the priests' ear to stop the ceremony, as Tenebraus caused deep rumblings in the earth below. Unperturbed, the priest carried on as usual. As the blood poured down the blade and into the basin, a blue fire erupted in the basin, to the shock and awe of most of the crowd below.

Next up the stairs, was a frightened cattle beast, and as its hooved clapped against the stone, distant rumbles of thunder could be heard. This time as the blood ran into the basin an ancient looking face appeared in the flames: The face of the God-Emperor Baramingion himself, here to pass judgement on all before him. The high priest barely had a chance to proclaim the temple open before explosions went off beneath the temple, collapsing the main dome and causing the dais to collapse in a huge cloud of rubble and dust.

Collapsed Temple

Chaos ensued, for as far as the crowd was concerned, some angry demon had just smote down the temple of Baramingion. Of course, the crowd nearly stampeded in the confusion. Rushing towards the gaping hole in the crowd, was the human the party had seen earlier in the dining hall of the Rusty Barrel. He had barely started attempting to secure his rope before Lindal was growing a vine down into the depths below for the party to climb down.

The party climbed down into what appeared to be ancient crypts built long before the temple had ever been planned. In the cavernous space, they spotted several staircases and passageways winding their way between different areas and levels of the crypts. Almost as soon as the party arrived in the crypts, they felt an evil presence, but nevertheless, pressed ahead.

From out of the darkness, a shadow materialised behind the group, and with it's shadowy form cut through Morgana's armour, seriously wounding her. The battle saw two more shadow forms materialise, only to be quickly returned to their eternal slumber, with Morgana weakening them with blasts of draconic fire and Bahl-Basaar smiting them down with a blast of electrical energy, with help from the rest of the party.

...The adventure will continue...